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Remodelling your bathroom can offer you years of comfort and pleasure when it’s done by an expert who understands this area. On the other hand, an amateur will give you results that you will regret every day you step in that room. 

A bathroom is a tricky space that has several moving parts squeezed together as well as a considerable amount of water ready to cause damages when it leaks. 

On the other hand, bathroom remodelling helps you to make specific changes in that space that will add value to your property, makes it appealing and comfortable to use. 

The article will provide you with two sections, namely; things that you should do and not do when renovating your bathroom. 

Bathroom renovation job we completed in Wodonga with frameless shower screen

What to Do When Remodelling Your Bathroom 

The aim of undertaking a bathroom remodelling project is to make an improvement that can save you money on water and energy, add value to your property and make the room attractive. 

Therefore, you want to take advantage of the latest products, technologies, and design trends. You can achieve these objectives by following these tips. 

Budget for the Unexpected 

A renovation project begins with investigation and planning. You have to examine the entire space and identify areas that should be repaired and create a budget for that.  

However, during the exercise, you may establish that there are hidden water damages as a result of running toilet and leaky shower pan. You may realize after demolition that the area is spongy which a sign of a severe problem. 

Additionally, the contractor might have missed some other issues on the vent stack. Therefore, it’s crucial to increase your bathroom remodelling budget by 10-15% to cater for anything that goes wrong during the exercise. 

Choose Appropriate Materials 

Bathroom surfaces are used every day, and in some cases, they get abused. For that reason, most designers and homeowners prefer porcelain tiles because they are versatile, durable and attractive. 

These type of tiles are installed on walls and floor thus contributing to the overall aesthetic of the property. You can install larger tiles to minimize grout lines and keep it easier to clean and maintain.  

For that reason, you can install porcelain tiles measuring 18X18 on the floor, 12X12 on the walls and then switch to 6X6 glass mosaic on the diagonal strip. 

You can also install these tiles on the bathroom sink or opt for the enamel-on-steel sink, which is stain-resistant and durable, unlike porcelain which is prone to chipping. 

Additionally, you can install a solid-surface sink and integrate with a vanity countertop, backsplash or adjoining cove because they are durable. 

Spend More on the Shower 

While some people prefer to have a tub in their bathroom, the current trend is to free space for a more massive shower. These showers have body sprays, showerheads and steam generators. 

You can create 1200mm shower stall or 1500mm, leave out the door, and direct the showerhead appropriately to avoid splashing water outside the shower area. Design an L-shaped shower stall to create a sensual experience.  

It’s advisable not to remove all bathtubs in the house; hence you can retain a tub in the guestroom or at least in one of the bathrooms. 

Ventilation and Lighting 

Mould and mildew thrive in moisture-prone areas. Thus, you may consider installing a bathroom fan, especially if you want to add a steam shower.  A humidity-sensing unit that turns on and off automatically based on the level of moisture in the air will save you both time and power.  

You can enhance illumination in your bathroom by installing a ceiling fixture for general lighting. The only challenge with this type of lighting is that it creates shadows. However, you can tackle this challenge by installing vertical fixtures on the side of the vanity or sconces. Fix recessed canister light as a dedicated task light for shower and toilet. 

Bathroom renovation we completed in Wodonga with white floor tiles

Water Efficiency 

In recent years, the market is providing water-efficient bathroom fixtures. Thus, you can install showerheads, faucets and toilets that are low-flow to save on the water used in the house. 

What Not To Do when bathroom remodelling 

DonRush the Project 

As much as you want your bathroom tomorrow, poor planning and execution will lead to cost overruns. Rushing the process may force you to repeat the entire renovation, thus additional costs. Therefore, spend several weeks or months planning your bathroom renovation. You can contact Wodonga Tiling and Waterproofing for more ideas, tile styles, bright designs and favourite fixtures. 

Avoid Cutting Corners on Key Items 

One of the most regrettable remodelling mistakes most homeowners do is buying cheap materials for the items that are needed the most. For instance, tiling materials for surfaces like walls and floor are essential and should be of high quality because these surfaces are used every day. 

However, buying slightly inconsistent sizes contributes to crooked lines that leave your bathroom looking shoddy. It’s also important to realize that today cheap faucets have lifetime warranties covering leaks and stains. 

DonIgnore Storage 

The idea of running to grab a towel from your closet is an old notion that should be replaced during the bathroom remodelling project. You should invest in a bathroom chest that can handle these essentials. The medicine cabinet should store first-aid and health-care essentials.  

Hire Professionals  

Although the do-it-yourself approach may trim your costs, the results may fail to meet your expectations and force you to repeat the entire process. 

Therefore, allow trained persons to demolition your bathroom, rip out the tub as well as handle the finished painting. Working with Wadonga Tiling and Waterproofing may make a less-costly tile appear expensive at the end of the project. However, carrying out the installation yourself may cause a costly glass tile to look cheap.   

Therefore, the contractor will supply you with all the trades needed in the remodelling process such as plumbers, tile setters, electricians, and cabinet installers, among others.  


The list of dos and don’ts of remodelling your bathroom is endless. Wodonga Tiling and Waterproofing has a team of qualified professionals that will use high-quality materials to create a practical and beautiful bathroom. You can call them to discuss your upcoming bathroom remodelling project.

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