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Looking to get floor tiling work for home and need necessary information about that. Here in this floor tiling Wodonga guide, let us show you how you can choose the best tile and tile for your floor of the house.  

The toilets and kitchen floors are exposed to water and humidity many; not all flooring materials can withstand that hard floors can cope. You cannot introduce a carpet or hardwood floor to these areas because it will be crazy. Hallways and corridors also require a hard floor to withstand enormous traffic pressure.  

The variety available in its colour, shape, and design makes it more convenient to use. You can choose what you need precisely. Adventure tile can quickly become overwhelming if you have not made the right choice at the right time.

Floor tiling job completed by our tiling expert in Wodonga with concrete finish porcelain tiles

Types of Tiles for Your Floor Tiling Wodonga Project 

Natural Stone 

Stone tiles include marble, travertine, limestone, stone, and many more materials. The main reason people like them are due to the natural and organic they have. The properties of different paving materials are different from each other.  

You should choose one that has all the properties that meet your needs. Travertine has pressure holes, making it weaker than the limestone. Travertine tiles appear to be as unique as the limestone tiles. The main problem with stone tiles is that they require a sealer to keep germs away; soil or liquid is in it. 


Ceramic tiles are one of the best economical solutions for hard floors. They are made by dyed in different colours. So you can imagine the possibilities of colours in them. These two properties make it an excellent choice for flooring. 


Porcelain tiles are one of tile most widely used in homes today. And no one would argue that it has the most favourable properties for all tiling materials. Although porcelain tiles are very dense and heavy, which is why they are so durable and stain-resistant that no dust or liquid is absorbed on the surface?  

They are the combination of a variety of design tiles and low maintenance stone tile goods. They are a little expensive and cumbersome; these are the only two drawbacks of these tiles. If you can deal with these two issues, there is no better alternative for you. 


You should know that the career and terracotta are made from the same clay, but the conditions are different when the clay is burdened with a form of high-temperature clay career while at low temperatures was born.  

These tiles are a sturdy deep range of colours available for making them very favourable to use in tiling. Terracotta tiles are more porous than quarry tiles. 

Tiled kitchen practical guide 

The kitchen floor is facing a lot of Greece, liquid, and germs. We let down even things like covered in this part of the time. This way, the floor material should be stain safe enough and painful to cope with such a workload. 

If you want to know the best tile for the kitchen floor, nothing is better than a porcelain tile. The glossy surface and the problematic nature of making it more safe spot than most other tiles. The question is the grout. It deals with time very quickly. Also, it is penetrated by the material, e.g., fluids.  

Try using the resin grout, as they are generally inaccessible to these spots. 

Kitchen Floor Tiling Wodonga Design Tips 

Nowadays, the kitchen area is not only a place to cook food. It is also the area near the dining room or living room where people relax. Some are even invited to sit-in in front of the kitchen. That’s why people now spend much money on the tiled floor of the kitchen. It looks beautiful.

Large Tiles

Tiles play a very significant role in determining the overall look of a room, including the kitchen. If you want a modern tile and choose these large tiles, there are advantages to it as they will have a full area without grout lines, it seems stylish and attractive to the eye of the beholder. Less and fewer grout lines will be a coherent and smooth appearance.

Porcelain Tiles

For this, you need to opt for porcelain tiles. The wide range of variety available in the colours and the design makes them easy to use. With their durability and toughness, you can count on porcelain tiles for long term beautiful tiles.

Traditonal look and Limestone

If you want a more economical solution for tiling or you want a traditional look and limestone might help. It is cheaper than porcelain and has a water absorption capacity. If you do not want to use the light-coloured limestone, you can opt for slate dark too. Although the grout lines will be larger than porcelain, so they can take more attention liquidation of the eye.

Moorish, Mediterranean, or Geometric patterns

You can use Moorish, Mediterranean, or geometric patterns for a unique look and style. They need a very bright floor tiling Wodonga experts who can ask them correctly. People choose brighter colours and patterns of tiles now. Very fancy tiles no longer trend. 

A kitchen must-have proper ventilation, lots of suns and should feel spacious. The soil should never draw too much attention and should reflect much light. You can also use light-coloured tiles that fell spacious at the same time reflects light.  

You should know that the laying of the pattern of the tiles also plays a role. Remember to lay the tiles in the pattern they are running the whole length of the room, not across the room. It will feel much smoother and enjoyable. 

Bathroom floor tiling Wodonga design guide 

The bathroom must be ventilated, light-receiving plenty of sunshine and dry. If the bathroom does not have these properties, it is not a very comfortable place. The bathroom must have a spotless and smooth floor.  

The coloured tiles must be such that they not only stay clean but reflects a lot of light. Light-coloured tiles make it seem spacious in the dark, small, and cozy. You should install these tiles that do not allow water to stand on them for a long time, or they become slippery and can cause severe problems in the future. 

When should tiles? 

Before tiles, first, doing homework done on tile work, you should know that the tile is installed in the kitchen and the bathroom or living room or any other place. Bathroom tiles must be able to absorb moisture if kept dry and clean. The same goes for the kitchen, where a lot of food and drops of liquid on the floor.  

It must also be non-slip you will not end up in an accident. Tiles should be done before putting units on if in case of leakage of the valve or the sink, they will not reach the ground, but will be blocked by the tiles. You can also change the units easily without changing the tiled floor, so it is not only economic but also smart. 

Tiles and floor structure

Bathroom floor tiling job we recently done in Wodonga with porcelain floor tiles

Most of the time, only two types of floors are present below the tiles. Either it is made of concrete floor in modern homes is suspended or wood that is usually present in homes that were built in 1950 or earlier. You will most likely have a concrete floor that is to be tiled. The only thing that must be done before the tile is levelling the ground should be perfect. It should not be unequal otherwise prepare for an inevitable loss of tiles. Tiles will not settle on a floor, and an uneven gap may appear between them that will result in the water to escape and destroy the soil. Always ask some professionals to do the job properly, or you will get the temporary inferior. 

Amazing Tips for Floor Tiling Wodonga 

  • Tiles shades must be selected wisely 
  • Size of tiles must be according to you need 
  • Shading the grout should be the same colour as the tile 
  • Use the tiles with a high-quality finish 
  • Never buy materials like glue and grout without asking your floor tiling Wodonga expert. 

If you are looking to install floor tiling to your home in Wodonga, then we have covered you up. Here at Wodonga Tiling & Waterproofing, we have a team of floor tiling Wodonga professionals that will take care of your tiling needs effectively. 

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